Join Magnuson Hotels at the 2018 Hotel Operations Conference

May 18, 2018 London UK/Spokane WA

Planning on attending the Hotel Operations Conference in London on the 23rd May 2018? Be sure to join the panel discussion at 12:10 exploring whether franchise and management contracts are still fit for purpose? 

Our CEO Thomas Magnuson sits on the panel with 3 other seasoned hotel professionals discussing whether this age old institution is still fit for purpose. With changing consumer attitudes, the rise of the sharing economy and new competitor entrants like Airbnb stealing 22% of UK market share this panel really questions the very notion of hotel franchising as we know it.

For those interesting in attending the Hotel Operations Conference this is an event that focuses on management across all aspects of the hotel business and how those aspects will deliver the best results. It truly helps to transform businesses. More information available here. 

For more information: US 509.747.8713 UK (+44) 020 3051 2724

About Magnuson Worldwide: Since its launch fifteen years ago, Magnuson Worldwide has become America’s fastest growing hotel brand and a top 15 global chain, marketing over 1,000 hotels across six countries and three continents. Magnuson Worldwide’s newly formed distribution partnership with Chinese operator Jin Jiang Hotels and Europe’s Louvre Hotels is the world’s largest hotel alliance, forming a consortium of over 8,000 hotels and 800,000 rooms worldwide, equal to the size of a top 2 global hotel chain.

For more information: US 509.747.8713 UK (+44) 020 3051 2724.

Published 18 May 2018

Ranked within top 15 global hotel chains.

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